Search the Payroll Protection Program Database

The Payroll Protection Program (PPP) was established by the CARES Act as a response to Covid-19's economic impact. The goal was to help small business continue paying their employees instead of letting them go.

Companies had to have under 500 employees, be worth less than $15mm and income under $5mm a year*. This was meant for small businesses who hit an economic wall and had nowhere else to turn for capital.

In July 2020, the Small Business Administration released the names of companies receiving more than $150,000. That list of 661,219 companies compromised 14% of all the businesses yet 71% of the $500 billion in funds.

While many small businesses received critical funds, many larger companies took advantage. We've downloaded the entire database, connected other public datasets and made the whole thing sortable with elastic search. Please use our tools below and be sure to tweet us at @dontdelete8 with anything interesting that you find.